Our History

Middle School building

Cedar Hill Prep School was founded in 2003 under the name Oakcrest Academy. The framework of the school was built on the premise that an academically challenging early childhood education serves as a foundation for success in later years. The importance of open space and nature in stimulating young brains is an often neglected component of school facility design. Oakcrest Academy had a campus-like environment which was another characteristic that appealed to the local community. Cedar Hill Prep School/Oakcrest Academy was founded by Nandini and Raghu Menon.

The turning point for Oakcrest Academy was in 2006, when the school had reached its full capacity at the current location. The options were to either limit the growth or extend the vision of the school to be a full-fledged elementary school. The founders heeded to the unanimous coercion of the parents, and forged with their vision and bought a 9 acre property with the intent of building a state of the art elementary school. The new building was ready in February 2007 and the school was christened Cedar Hill Prep School.

The school’s educational model, instructional methods, student performance and affordability was so distinct that the parent community again started expressing their desire for a Middle School. The parents felt for the continued success of their children, the education had to extend to Middle School.

In 2009, Cedar Hill Prep School started its Middle School. The need for additional classroom space became evident with the growing demand. All three buildings had to be utilized for instruction by 2010. In

In 2011, Nandini Menon started working with the Architects and Engineers on the design of the Middle School, which included a gym. This 14000 sq.ft Middle School building was opened on September 2013. As of January 2014, Cedar Hill Prep School is a Preschool through Grade 8 federally recognized International School with 280 students.

Cedar Hill Prep School

Today, Cedar Hill Prep School is a vibrant community representing families from 22 different countries and ethnic identities who are engaged in an intimate, interactive environment of enrichment, learning, and camaraderie.

Nandini Menon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore India as well as a Master of Science Degree in Engineering from Philadelphia University (No.1 in the U.S/World for textile education) and she obtained a visiting research fellowship from Textile Research Institute in Princeton; the foremost textile research institute in the world. Ms. Menon has won national awards in public speaking and art during her schooling and state-level awards in dance and sports during her college years.

Raghu K. Menon holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from IIT Madras as well as Masters of Science and Doctorate of Science degrees from M.I.T, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is currently the Head of BOC/LINDE for both North and South Americas.

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