Cedar Hill Prep School’s Math curriculum is based on the recommendations of the National Mathematics Panel Report. CHP uses the Primary Math Standards Edition for Grades 1-5. Primary mathematics uses a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach, and emphasizes mental math and model drawing. Primary Math is easier for teachers to use, more rigorous, faster paced, offers greater density of mathematical content, better balance of skills, content and problem solving, clearer, simpler and logical progression of topics and less distracting.

Grade 1

Students learn patterns, relationships and graphs, estimation and counting, addition and subtraction, fractions, plane and solid geometry, spatial relationships, time and money, measurement.

Grade 2

Students will learn patterns and graphs, place value to 1000, addition and subtraction, introduction to multiplication and division, 2D and 3D geometry, time, money and measurement, and problem-solving.

Grade 3

Students will learn patterns and equations, coordinate graphs, place value to 10,000, all four whole number operations, elementary fractions, geometry – both plane and solid, perimeter, area and volume, time, money, length, weight and problem solving.

Grade 4

Students will learn the addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals, geometry, graphs, measurement, verbal problems and whole number operations.