World Languages

Spanish – Grade 5-8

The primary goal of our world languages program is effective communication. Students will be introduced to Spanish through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The study of world cultures is also an integral part of the student based learning in this program. Our world languages program is student centered. Students are taught the introductions and expressions of courtesy and the history of Hispanic culture. This includes the Latin American roots and biographies. Students are also made aware of the current events in the Spanish-speaking countries, including the latest books and newsworthy information. Students engage in language immersion by discussing the school, their families, houses, food, health and welfare. At the end of each year students are able to express verbally in Spanish and write paragraphs, stories in Spanish.


Cedar Hill Prep School Middle School Spanish

Assessments include
· Ongoing – General Effort / Daily Speaking Activities
· Presentations – Role-plays- Pair/ Group work
· Regular Homework Assignments
· Projects – countries and culture
· Quizzes – All the skills – Listening/ Speaking/ Reading / Writing/Culture
· Tests/ Exams – All the skills – Listening/ Speaking/ Reading / Writing/Culture
· Computer Lab – Designing worksheets/ Crossword puzzles/ Word search /Power Point