Secondary School Placements


Cedar Hill Prep is very proud to announce that our 8th grade graduates have been accepted to the following secondary schools for 2016:

The Hun School                                          Princeton Day School*

Rutgers Prep*                                              Middlesex Academy of Health Sciences

Notre Dame                                                  Solebury School

Peddie School  *                                          Stuart Country Day School

St.Paul’s School, Concord, NH             Pennington School *                                                  

Wardlaw Hartridge School *                 Pingry School *

Lawrenceville  High School                   Wilbraham and Monson  Academy, Wilbraham, MA                                        

Of the twenty-two graduates, 5 have received full (partial) scholarships.

“We are so proud of Kathryn! Kathryn was accepted to Princeton Day School, The Pennington School, The Solebury School, The Hun School and to Notre Dame High School. She was wait listed at Peddie School. With so many great choices, it will be hard to figure out the best fit for her.” – Stacey Lytkowski

*Scholarship (full and partial) – 16/23 applied, 9 received multiple acceptance letters and 5 received scholarships. Congratulations to all of the graduates and their families!

Our comprehensive and challenging curriculum is carefully designed to provide visible learning outcomes, inspire academic excellence and independent thought while engaging the students intellectually and creatively.  The rigorous broad based curriculum at Cedar Hill Prep School ensures that our students excel in the following competencies that are tied to success in High School:

  • Core Skills –  Literature, Writing, Mathematics, Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Thinking Skills – Creative Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Development of Responsibility and Accountability by managing service-learning projects and developing time management/organizational skills
  • Development of Self-Esteem and Confidence through public speaking, group discussions, and debates

As an inherent part of our mission, we inspire and encourage a strong set of core values through our words and actions:  respect for oneself and others; honesty and integrity; responsibility to fulfill one’s obligations and be accountable for one’s words and actions; and a sense of community through our cooperative and collaborative environment.  Every student at CHP quickly embraces the environment and enjoys the feeling of ownership within the school community.
Students of Cedar Hill Preparatory School have consistently placed in the top 10 percentile of the nation for the last 8 years.  Our 8th-grade graduates have gone on to the following Secondary Schools…