For the Little Ones (Pre-K 3 to Kindergarten) 

Students focus mainly on projects that help with their motor skills. Working with Model Magic, cutting, simple painting projects, all help the kids with both their fine and gross motor skills while doing a fun activity. For students in 1st and 2nd, who are in between independence and dependence, they are given set projects but have the opportunity to change things around and make it their own. The main purpose for Art Club is to allow the kids to have fun while figuring out who they are and what they like.

After School Program for grades 5-8

Meetings in the art room Tuesdays from 4-5.30 PM 250.00 for 10-Week program starting Tuesday, March 20th Alternatively, 25.00 per weekly session, due at start of class Tuition by cash or check payable to Michelle Trusiani