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Safety Protocols

There are many new safety procedures and protocols that will be implemented during this unusual but historic health crisis that we face today. Our Cedar Hill Prep School Administration has been closely following the ever changing guidelines requested by the State of New Jersey. At this time CHP is mask optional.

These are the precautions that we had taken up until April 2022.

  • Upon arrival to school, all students and staff had their temperatures checked and logged.
  • All students and staff wore mandatory masks while on CHP campus.
  • There are hand sanitizing stations in all classrooms and hallways, and students will be encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water often.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the new arrival and dismissal procedure? To avoid overcrowding in the parking lot, CHP has adjusted our schedule to have more staggered arrival times. ALL parents, students, and staff members are required to wear masks. Parents WILL NOT be allowed to walk their children into the building. They will need to park and walk their child to a temperature check station in the front of the main building. A CHP staff member will assist informing two lines for temperature checks before students can enter the building. After the student is admitted on campus, the parent must exit the parking lot.

A student who has a temperature of 100.4 or above, or is showing any signs or symptoms of illness, will not be admitted on campus. If the students have no signs of illness, they will walk directly to their homerooms.

2. What precautionary measures are taken within the classroom? Classrooms are equipped with Hand Sanitizers, UV Filtration Systems, and a UV wand for disinfecting. Classrooms will be sanitized regularly, and the janitorial staff will be periodically cleaning the hallways and bathrooms throughout the day. 

3. What personal protective equipment will be worn on campus? Each student, faculty member, and staff has the option to wear a mask.

4. How long will the class periods be? The classes will run on a regular bell schedule.

5. Will the students have specials such as gym, technology, art, and music. Students will have all Specials classes as usual, including Gym, Technology, Art, and Music.

6. If my child feels sick, what is the school protocol? The school has a Registered Nurse on-site who will examine the student and advise the next course of action as per CDC guidelines. Every school is now mandated to have an isolation room near the Nurse’s office for any student, teacher, or faculty member who may be showing COVID symptoms.

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