CHP Debate Tournaments

CHP Middle School Debate

Cedar Hill Prep School has participated in two debate tournaments this year as a member of the Garden State Debate League.  Each tournament involves more than 100 students debating on topics that are considered relevant to Middle School Students.

Feb 6th Tournament 

Topics: People should keep exotic animals as pets; Artificial Intelligence does more harm than good.

  • Cedar Hill Prep School – 1st place for total number of points; 2nd place for total percentage wins.
  • Top Teams in the Tournament
  • Top Speaker for Cedar Hill Prep School – Aakarsh Mamawala
  • Top  Speakers in the Tournament – No.2 – Aakarsh Mamawala and  No.3 – Sarah Karlekar
  • Tied in 5th Place – Armaan Agrawal; Karthikeya Kodali; Sanah Shah; Sanyuktha Sriram; Sidharth Shah
  • 2nd Place Debate Team –  (Armaan Agrawal, Ahmad Alam, Aakarsh Mamawala)
  • 3rd Place Debate Team –  (Ayden Raju, Sidharth Shah and Sanah Shah)
  • 6th Place Debate Team – (Tea Florenceo, Aarna Rao and Aarushi Gupta)

November 6th Tournament

Topics: Drop Grey Wolves from the Endangered Species Act: Lotteries do more harm than good.

  • Golden Gavel for Tournament – Sidharth Nambiar
  • Cedar Hill Prep School – 1st place for total number of points; 2nd place for total percentage wins.
  •  Top Speaker from Cedar Hill Prep School – Nina Barnes  
  • 2nd Place Debate Team – Sidharth Nambiar, Sarah Karlekar
  • 3rd Place Debate Team – Rashmika Majumdar, Dhruv Param, Risham Dagli

Cedar Hill Prep School Alumni News – Shaurya Baruah(Class of 2020) participated in the Harvard Invitational Public Forum Debate and ranked 24 out of 420.  Congratulations!!

Next debate on April 10th 2021.

CHP Middle School Debate