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Engaging Families With The Community

Each September, the week before School formally starts, CHP begins hosts the Annual Welcome Picnic for all families. This is followed by “Back to School Night” when parents are ushered into the classrooms to get an outline of the curriculum and school events for the year.  Several times throughout the year, Family Fun Nights are held in the evenings to foster interaction among families.  CHP also hosts parent seminars, High School counseling sessions, and uniform swaps to facilitate the short and long term needs of parents.  The PTO organizes yearly events on and off campus which include food drives, fundraising events, golf and baseball outings, the Winter Ball, and book fairs.

CHP realizes that parents are inundated with information and, therefore, has developed a comprehensive communication system that is easy to access.  The monthly newsletter, weekly blogs, website, and social media pages share classroom activities, field trips, projects, and accomplishments.  The School employs a full time media team to ensure that families are engaged throughout the year.

CHP believes that involvement in the greater community is a vital component of education. This includes participating in the annual Tour De Franklin to support the local Food Bank. Middle School students are committed to 5 hours of community service each year. Throughout the school year, students are always fundraising to help combat cancer, Huntington’s disease, and many other worthy causes.