• Cedar Hill Prep School

Debate @ Broad Street

Garden State Debate League Debate Meet #3 at Broad Street School, Bridgeton, NJ

Thirteen teams from Cedar Hill Prep School participated in the debate meet at Broad Street on Feb 11th, 2017. This was the first debate meet for four teams of Fifth graders, they did a phenomenal job despite being the youngest groups.

There were 28 teams in all and the topics for debate were –

  • Ban Killer Robots
  • The Invention of Gun Powder did more good than harm
  • Energy Drinks cause more harm than good
  • US Surveillance measures are warranted

As some of the Judges commented, they were amazed at the intelligent, educated discourse amongst such young participants. As the coach, I also realized that we assume that learning takes place in preparation for the debate, whilst researching the topics, putting the arguments together and refuting the claims. However, hearing the “freshman debaters” talk after the debate, I also realized that a good bit of learning takes place in reflection. As educators we sometimes undervalue the lasting impressions of a lesson, but reflection is the real life skill that indicates learning and promotes further understanding.

Cedar Hill Prep School won quite a few accolades –The Garden State Debate League 1st Place School, the top three team awards and the 5,7 and 10th best teams.

1 – Lilyanna Hopkins, Heer Patel, Fisayo Odukoya
2 – Abhinav Kumar, Aarav Gupta, Vishnu Gade
3 – Rohan Nunugonda, Shivam Singh and Arjun Agrawal
5 – Divleen Singh, Nivritti Mantha
7 – Siya Angras, Gurmeher Kaur
10 – Anush Polamraju, Demi Osinubi, Vivaan Rochlani

Fisayo Odukoya won the Best Speaker Award for Cedar Hill Prep School. Congratulations to all the Cedar Hill Prep Debaters for a job well done!

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