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Our Mission

The primary reason for starting the Distance Learning School is to make our education accessible to parents who do not live close to the school geographically, for students who have medical issues that prevent them from being in a school environment. The goal of the distance learning model is to support students become members of an active learning community.

Learning is best when it fosters a community of learners, where students create meaning from their experience. Learning is enhanced through peer interactions, socially and culturally constructed in an environment that fosters curiosity and knowledge. Remote learners will feel they are part of the school since they will be in the classrooms with students who attend the school on the physical campus. Learning and knowledge are both enhanced when there is diversity of thought and perspective. Nurturing and maintaining connections are needed to facilitate continual learning. Remote learners will also be part of the social component of the school and extracurricular activities and clubs.

What Is The Format Of Distance Learning ?

Remote learners will synchronously learn with students in the physical classroom with the same daily schedule of activities. Remote learners will also have the opportunity to participate in all extra-curricular activities. Teachers will be able to support the learner in their learning struggles with one on one meetings at mutually convenient time schedules.

Cedar Hill Prep School will only admit 30 students per grade, 15 students per section. Therefore, the number of students who can be admitted into the distance learning program will be determined by the overall enrollment per grade.

Hybrid Class Schedule

This Fall Cedar Hill Prep School will have a hybrid schedule offering both in-person classes on campus as well as online classes. This will make it easier for us to social distance within the classrooms as well as offering online classes to those who are unable to make it to campus.

Contact Us

Please call 848-228-6488 or email: admissions@cedarhillprep.com for more information.

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