Pre Kindergarten


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Why Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten At CHP is the Best Choice?

  • Why Our School?

We create an environment that instills independence and confidence while growing emotionally, socially, and academically.

  • Relationships are Everything

We instill and nurture warm relationships with children and parents, allowing your child to feel safe, secure and loved.

  • We Build A Framework

We create a structured environment without your child feeling like he or she has lots of rules.

  • Children Embrace Independence

We foster an environment which successfully allows children to make proper choices.  This results in positive conflict resolutions with their peers.

  • Speaking and Thinking

We provide the setting where your child can expand on his or her verbal, listening, and thinking skills.

  • Independence and Confidence

We encourage self –worth allowing your child to do for themselves successfully as well as others.

  • Gross Motor Skills

We provide fun, engaging activities through various mediums that get the children on their feet. These activities allow children to explore their space. Fine motor skills are available to help with balance and eye – hand coordination.

  • Imagine and Dream

Imagination is a wonderful thing and we allow the children to use theirs. Through work and play we pave the way for children to think, observe, predict and solve.

  • Pre-Reading and Pre-Arithmetic

Singing, sorting, counting, patterns and problem solving are just a few of the ways we build the foundation that fosters reading and math skills.

  • Kindergarten Here We Come

High percentage of kindergarten readiness and success.  Students from Cedar Hill Prep School have been consistently better prepared for Kindergarten relative to their peers from other schools.