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Performing Arts – Elementary

Performing Arts at Cedar Hill Prep School

Performing Arts in the state of New Jersey is at a crossroads. Many schools and educational institutions are cutting arts in order to keep up with lower budgets and the rising demand of academics in the state. However, the schools that find themselves at the top of their class are those that are providing every possible experience for their students, families and communities.

Our vision for the Performing Arts Program at Cedar Hill Prep School is all about the students. Through a Band, Chorus, Theater, and General Music program, we want to watch the kids grow from curious young people, holding an instrument, acting, or singing for the first time, into a talented musician who is creating art in front of our very eyes. We want to take these students and give them the tools to compete at the region, state, and national level. We want our kids to display the confidence needed to audition for regional and state band or chorus, or compete in solo competitions across the great state of New Jersey. Performing Arts in the state of New Jersey is at a crossroads, and Cedar Hill Prep School is looking to move forward, and take charge.

Music at CHP

Goals for the School Year – Our goals for the upcoming school year are rooted in our new beginnings. With the implementation of brand new Band and Theater Programs, as well as a retooling of the existing Chorus program, we are looking to change the way that students at Cedar Hill Prep School perform.

This year we hope to get instruments in the hands of as many students as possible, with music selected for the students, by the students themselves. We will be playing and singing arrangements of Band and Chorus songs that will be custom made for our school, which means that no other school in the world will be performing exactly what we are performing. It will seem like a long road at first, but by the end of the first school year, we will see exactly how dedicated and talented our students are, as they create beautiful music together.

Choirs (for Primary and Middle School students)

We are very excited to add two new ensembles to Cedar Hill Prep School this year. The Cedar Hill Prep School Chorus will include all students, with reh` jearsals during daily music class. However, we will also be adding a Show Choir, and A Capella ensemble for students that would like to sing more. All three choirs will perform for the school and community several times throughout the year. Sight-reading, basic musicianship and vocal technique will be stressed during rehearsals. Cedar Hill Prep School Chorus will include all students, CHP Show Choir is open to students in grades 4 through 8, and our A Capella ensemble is by audition only. Students may also consider taking private or semi-private voice lessons.

Teacher: Ms. Florence Lombardo

Cedar Hill Prep School Chorus (All Students) – During their daily music class, students will learn correct vocal technique, musical vocabulary, sight-reading, and basic musicianship. Students will learn ensemble singing and perform choral repertoire spanning multiple genres and styles. Membership is a yearlong commitment and participation will include all students.

Private Lessons (All Grades) – Voice lessons are available for any student weekly, or bi- weekly by appointment. More frequent lessons can also be arranged. Email Florence Lombardo for details.

Small Ensembles and Solo Performance Opportunities:

Over the course of the school year, we will be offering multiple performing opportunities for private or semi-private students, and students studying voice or instruments in other programs or with other private teachers. Stay tuned for more information on Cabarets, Talent Shows, and Recitals as September approaches.

Please email Ms. Florence Lombardo with questions, comments, or if your child is interested in joining one of our exciting ensembles. Email ID –

Private Lessons (All Grades) – Instrumental lessons are available for any student weekly, or bi-weekly by appointment. More frequent lessons can also be arranged. Email Florence Lombardo for details.