Grade 3 March Virtual Super Students

Grade 3 Super Students
Aaron’s favorite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner Azkaban. In his spare time, he likes to play Fortnite. The galaxy he comes from is Jupiter. His hero is his mom who saves lives. One thing he wants to change is littering. If he was a star in a movie it would be about Space. He is happy when he thinks of the color blue.
Avanish is a ravenous reader whose hero is The Flash. He would choose Nico for his sidekick. He would like to get rid of bullying. He comes from the galaxy Nathan.
Ethan is an inquisitive scientist. He likes to play video games. His favorite color is green. He wants to stop pollution.
Lily is a ravenous reader who hails from the Butterfly Galaxy. Her sidekick is her cat Frindle the Great. She would like to fix the terrible coronavirus so her class can be together once again.
Super Mase hails from the silly galaxy. His sidekick is his brother Myles. If he were in a movie it would be about basketball. His favorite color is red. His favorite things to do are play basketball and Xbox and his favorite book is “The Fabulous Mr. Fox.” His heroes are his mom and dad.
Grade 3 Super Students