Grade 4 French Project “Les Monuments de Paris” 

The students in grade 4 got very excited about their project. They had to pick out of a hat and some of them closed their eyes, hoping for a miracle to get their favorite! The monuments in the hat, La Tour Eiffel; Le Musee de Louvre; L’Arc de Triomphe; Le Centre Pompidou; Le Musee d’Orsay; Le Palais de Versailles; Le Palais Omnisports De Berry- Paris/ L’Accro Hotel; Le Parc de Villette-Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie ; Le Sacre Coeur; Le Notre Dame de Paris; La Place de la Concorde et L’Obelisque de Luxor.

They completed the project with great pride and enjoyed presenting to their peers. They learned many interesting facts about each monument ( when it was built; how long did it take; what materials were used; how popular it is; which side of river Seine it is located.) and compared them to historical  events. Some students were able to share their personal experiences, having been to Paris and visited the monuments. Students also did a cross curriculum activity in Art and had the opportunity to build and paint their monument. It was challenging, but a rewarding experience. Bravo! Grade 4 Merci Ms. Wisniewski .