Grades 1 – 3 Visited the Elderly

Cedar Hill Prep Elementary School

Grade 1

First Graders were excited to meet the residents at the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. Many of the students were recognized from their Kindergarten visit, and others were warmly welcomed for the first time. They sang a variety of autumn and Halloween songs to the residents and had great conversations with them. It was a feel good day for all!

Cedar Hill Prep Grade 1 assisted living

Grade 2B

Grade 2B delighted residents of The Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence by delivering a happy holiday poem and singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” Following their performance, the 2nd graders enthusiastically mingled with the residents, reciting original poems about the Fall season. The residents were impressed not only with the children’s poems but also with their presentation skills. The children were quite happy to share their time with the residents.

Cedar Hill Prep Elementary School

Grade 3

Third graders  had a great time visiting the assisted living facility. They sang a few songs and entertained the elderly people. Some of the residents even joined them since they knew some of the songs that the third graders were singing.  They also read a few books to seniors at the facility and were praised for their fluency in reading and their confidence in conducting themselves. Great job third grade!