• Cedar Hill Prep School

House Elections


During the last two weeks, many students in 3rd-8th grades, with a teacher recommendation needed, campaigned for several different “House Positions.”  These positions included House Leader, Assistant House Leader, House Scribe, House Historian, House Speaker, House Steward, and House Arbitrators. The entire school population is split into four Houses: The Cherokee Bears, Lenape Owls, Ramapo Falcons, and Shawnee Beavers.
Friday November 3rd was Cedar Hill Prep’s annual House Elections.  All students running for House positions gave speeches to their 1st-8th grade House mates.  After the speeches, all House members cast their votes. The votes will be tallied early next week, and the winners will be announced on Wednesday.
The speeches today were all amazing. Great job to all the students who had the courage to campaign and stand today before their House mates to give a speech.  They were all winners!

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