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Program Features

    • Placement based on recommendations and evaluation
    • Concurrent with regular, academic curriculum
    • Appropriate classroom accommodations
    • Individually tailored learning program using research-based methods
    • One-to-one instruction in reading, writing, spelling organizational skills
    • Ongoing communication between classroom and program teachers
    • Classroom instruction supported by current technology, Google Read & Write, Kurzweil 3000, Dragon Naturally Speaking, etc
    • Learning Ally Audio books
  • Regularly administered diagnostic assessment to track progress

Reading Curriculum:

Learning to read is a complex process. Our staff is trained in a multitude of multisensory reading programs that are utilized within the M.I.L.L Institute. We utilize the most current research to address the foundational weaknesses students with language learning difficulties possess.

Phonemic Awareness:

These weaknesses are assessed and directly addressed through The Equipped for Reading Success, a complete and comprehensive step-by-step program developing phonemic awareness and fluent word recognition. Phonological Drills are the core of the program which targets specific weaknesses within core phonological skills.

Decoding & Encoding:

Wilson Reading System: The Wilson Reading Program ® is a structured intensive literacy program based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles. Wilson Reading directly and systematically teaches the structure of the English language. Through the program, students learn fluent decoding and encoding skills to the level of mastery. At the MILL Institute, Wilson Reading System ® instruction is provided in 1:1 or small group settings.


Reading Naturally ® is a research-based fluency program designed to develop skills necessary for fluent and effortless reading: speed, accuracy and proper expression. This reading intervention assists students in making solid gains in comprehension and vocabulary.


Visualizing & Verbalizing ® Program for Language Comprehension and  Thinking   is a Lindamood-Bell program that helps students develop concept imagery. This intervention program is designed to instruct and improve reading comprehension, oral language comprehension and expression, written language expression, and critical thinking skills. The V & V program offers systematic and explicit instruction.

Writing Skills:

Framing Your Thoughts ® Sentence Structure is a sequential and multisensory curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of sentence writing. This curriculum uses eight unique graphic symbols to illustrate the sentence parts and their functions. The instructional strategies blend creative freedom and accuracy with direct multisensory skill instruction.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy will be available on an individual consultation basis.