Mystery Reader

Third grade welcomed our first mystery reader for the month of February, Ms. Cenita Williamson, Maya-Rachel’s mom. She read a triumphant story Freedom School, Yes! based on the 1964 Mississippi Freedom School Summer Project. The book celebrates the strength of  people, and the bravery of one young girl who didn’t let being scared get in her way. Jolie has a lot to be scared about since the new Freedom School teacher, Annie, came to town. Bricks thrown through windows in the dead of night, notes filled with hate, and now a fire has burnt down the church where Annie was supposed to start teaching tomorrow! Without the church, how can she possibly teach Jolie and the other townspeople about black poets and artists, historians and inventors? Unless the people themselves fight back.

The students loved the animated reading, the beautiful singing of the verse in the story and were very engrossed in the beautiful story. Thank you for reading to us, Ms. Cenita Williamson!