• Cedar Hill Prep School

Regional Debate Finals at Stone Bridge Middle School

Cedar Hill Prep School students participated in the East Coast Regional Finals of the Middle School Debate League on April 16th, 2016.

This event took place at the StoneBridge Middle School in Allentown, NJ. Participants included 270 students divided into 87 teams, representing 29 schools and 5 states.
This was an all day event where teams debated on 5 topics all day, and the top two teams debated on the 6th topic in front of the entire league. The topics for debate were:

• The US should establish a no-fly zone in Syria.
• The US should have compulsory voting in general elections.
• Schools should require cameras in classrooms.
• Justice Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court career did more good than harm.
• Scientists should use cloning technology to resurrect animals made extinct by humans.
• The US should adopt the metric system.

The Cedar Hill Prep School Debate Team did extremely well. Of the 270 participants, CHP 8th grader, Zoe Rivera, won 20th place in the category of top 25 speakers at the Debate Meet. A team from the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY won the tournament and will be debating against the West Coast winner in June. CHP congratulates all of the participants and winners of the East Coast Regional Finals.

Cedar Hill Prep School has a very active Debate Club for its Middle School students. Debate and thought are key life skills that need to be fostered from a very young age. In order to debate well, students need to read, comprehend, do research, take good notes, make connections, and then verbalize their thoughts into structured arguments which convince people about their view point. Cedar Hill Prep School won the Garden State League championship in March 2016.

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