Where are they now? What Schools our CHP Alumni have moved on to

Kayla Hebbon | Class of 2017

Kayla Hebbon is a Freshman at Mount Saint Mary Academy, Watchung.

She is releasing her first book, Anything But Ordinary – The Beginning 

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 Thomas | Class of 2016

CHP has done much for Megha Thomas and we are seeing her excel and shine in many areas at Princeton Day School, now. Thanks to the solid academic foundation she received while at CHP.

Recent accomplishments for Megha Thomas at Princeton Day School
• In 10th grade, she is currently taking AP Spanish and AP Calculus BC.
• Last week, she was elected to be one of 2 Editor-in-Chiefs (from a pool of 22 candidates) of the “The Spokesman”, the PDS school newspaper, after a grueling 5 hour interview/deliberations by the current EICs (12th graders).
• Last week, she won first place in the Regional Science Olympiad for the “Write it/ Do it” category.
• This week, she will be attending the Yale Model UN conference (usually, only 12th graders (and a selected few juniors) attend the Yale MUN from PDS)
• Megha won “Honorable Mention”award at the Princeton Model UN Conference (held in Nov 2017). She was part of the Economic & Financial Committee.

– Susan Thomas

Chase Johnson | Class of 2015

Chase Johnson 2015 Graduate of CHP receives the 2018 William Welles Award.
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Deja Cunningham | Class of 2014

Congratulations to Cedar Hill Prep alumni Deja Cunningham for being accepted to Williams College for Fall 2018. She is currently attending The Peddie School and is captain of the track and field team.

We wish her all the best on her acceptance and future endeavors!

Austin Hill | Class of 2014

In my new school, Saint Joseph’s High School I have been able to succeed because of what my teachers have given me in CHP. As an alumni, CHP is a place of memories and friends. It will always be a special place in my heart.

Elaina Pesce | Class of 2014

In my new school Rutgers Preparatory School I feel so grateful for the fact that Cedar Hill Prep prepared me for starting a new school. I started my year off perfectly and I can’t be more grateful. The school has taught me confidence and responsibility. I feel ahead of the different students. I have made many different friends with cool personalities.
I feel that the workload and the amount of homework we have to do in Rutgers Prep is fairly easy and less than Cedar Hill Prep. All of my teachers have said that my writing style is very strong and I owe it to all of the teachers of the Cedar Hill Prep middle school. I may have changed my personality a little bit since I’m at a new school but despite my quietness all of the teachers think I’m ahead of the game.
It is so different now because in most of my classes I have more kids in there than I did in the graduating class of 2014. And my whole 9th grade class is bigger than the whole CHP middle school.
CHP gave so much to me and I’m so grateful and I love it so much. I will never forget it because it was my second home.
For future reference to all of the students. Whatever you do don’t take advantage of the school your in. Use it to your advantage and believe in yourself. I believe all of you will do great it the future. I believe I am going to do great things because of the education I received. Good luck everyone. I loved knowing everyone.

Deja Cunningham | Class of 2014

Moving on into High School, I definitely feel that CHP has prepared me for Peddie. The classwork, homework assignments and other sports activities were helpful with good time management.

You have to know what are your major priorities and how to use your time wisely. From the Thinking Skills class with Mrs. Nan, writing essays with Mrs. Steiner, I have learned how to connect with new content to continue growing as a student and athlete. This has made me more confident in class as I become more comfortable with what learning at Peddie will be all about.

Kristian Simon | Class of 2014

Since graduating from Cedar Hill Prep in 2014, I have met the standard of my new school, Saint Joseph’s High School in Metuchen. Cedar Hill Prep have prepared and given me a jumpstart in my classes in high school. From Math to Thinking Skills with Mrs. Nan, I have settled much more easily than my peers.

A Word of Advice: Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow.

Kiana Smith | Class of 2013

Since graduating from Cedar Hill Prep in 2013, I successfully completed freshman year at Immaculata High School. I also successfully got into a boarding school in Wilbriham, Massachusetts called Wilbriham and Monson Academy. Being away from home in a totally different state is a big change. CHP has given me different tools like study skills and test strategies that have helped me so far on this journey at WMA.

CHP has taught me about time management. Being on your own is a lot of responsibility, because you have to mange your school work and sports wisely. You have to know the difference between what you need to do and what you have to do, and not just put things to the side.Mrs. Nan and all the teachers have helped develop me into the person I am today. They didn’t just teach me and my former classmates just that specific subject but they also taught us life lessons. I am very thankful to have gone through Cedar Hill Prep for middle school because it has helped me adjust to high school at Wilbriham and Monson Academy very well.

Graduation Ceremony Class of 2016