Thanksgiving at CHP

Preschool Thanksgiving

Preschool Feast

Pilgrims and Native Americans were seen in the preschool classrooms at Cedar Hill Prep school. While wearing the Pilgrim and Native American headwear, the preschoolers reenacted the first Thanksgiving.

The children learned about the Pilgrims coming to America on the Mayflower and the Native Americans helping the Pilgrims grow crops and hunt to survive. They feasted on turkey, corn, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, followed by a delicious apple pie.

After their feast, the children listened to a Thanksgiving Bracelet story. As color was mentioned in the story, the children placed that colored bead onto a pipe cleaner. Each colored bead represented the hardships that the Pilgrims overcame during their first year in their new land. The children proudly wore their beautifully colored bracelets.

Preschool Thanksgiving


Pre-Kindergarten Celebration

The Pre-Kindergarten class celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with a class party! We learned about different Thanksgiving traditions and talked about the different things that may be on our dinner tables for this holiday.

We also discussed what it means to be thankful. Each student had the opportunity to tell their classmates what they are thankful for. Afterward, the children had a great time making edible cornucopias!

pre-kindergarten thanksgiving


Turkey Project

This November, CHP 1st graders have been involved in a “Disguise a Turkey” project. First, we read and discussed the book, Turkey Trouble. In this delightful story, the main character, Turkey, dresses up to save himself from Thanksgiving dinner. Then, each student received a turkey template with directions to create a disguise to save their turkey.

Students worked with their parents to generate a creative disguise. CHP 1st graders were delighted when they viewed their classmates’ projects!

Grade 1 Thanksgiving Project


Thankful Thoughts

2nd grade enjoyed writing paragraphs entitled “Thankful Thoughts.” After brainstorming ideas, each child selected three important things that they were thankful for this year. As a way for the whole grade to celebrate together, the children worked to create  a gratitude chain, where the links represented what each 2nd grader is thankful for.

The links included amazing friends, loving families, a fabulous school, and a warm home using adjectives and nouns.

grade 2-thankful thoughts


I Am Thankful Wheel

On the day before the Thanksgiving holiday break, third graders created “I Am Thankful” wheels. They had to come up with five different people, things, or places that they are thankful for. They wrote each down in a circle and then illustrated each one.  They then colored in the front to create a beautiful project. The bottom rotates so that they can spin it around and see all of the wonderful things they are grateful for!

Third graders genuinely enjoyed this activity and shared what they are thankful for this holiday season with their peers.  Sometimes it takes activities like this to help us to slow down and realize all of the true blessings we have in our lives.

Grade 3 thanksgiving wheel


The CHP PTO began this year’s community service initiative with a Food Drive to support the Food Pantry at Zarephath.  The goal was to help the community while engaging all CHP students within the structure of our CHP House System.

Collection bins for each House were placed in both upper and lower school main areas.

On November 19th, a tally was taken and the following house points were awarded:

1st place – Shawnee (100 points); 2nd place – Cherokee (75 points); 3rd place – Ramapo

(50 points); 4th place – Lenape (25 points).

Congratulations to our entire CHP community for your amazing support!  In conjunction with our student body, the PTO is planning several other service projects for the 2021-2022 school year.

Food Drive