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Math Mart

This past week, our 7th Grade students brought their knowledge about Percentages, Discounts, Mark-up, and Profit into the real world.   For three days, during specific times in the day, they ran “Math Mart,” a marketplace of goods and services, in Mrs. Lekhi’s classroom. Students served fresh waffles, freshly made smoothies, hot chocolate and herbal teas, […]

Cupcakes and the Moon

You’ve heard of the moon being compared to cheese, but to a cupcake? In Mrs. Galiano’s and Mr. Mirot’s Grade 6 Science class, it is! Students who are learning Astronomy at Cedar Hill Prep used frosted cupcakes to symbolize the moon. How? It was simple! Vanilla frosting hid the multiple colors inside the cupcake the […]

Chinese New Year

Kindergarten Chinese New Year Kindergarten children celebrated Chinese New Year and learned that it is the Year of the Dog!!! The children were read a story, had a discussion and made dragon masks!! Dragons are a symbol of strength goodness and luck! We learned that the celebration lasts for 15 days and people eat special […]

Book Tasting Party

Mrs. Whalen hosted her first Book Tasting Party on Wednesday, February 14. Students in her language arts class, grades 5 and 6, engaged in “tasting” new novels. Each student has the opportunity to read and familiarize themselves with new books across a variety of genres. The classroom was transformed into a small Paris cafe. Students […]