Middle School





Middle School Education

Meeting Emotional,Social and Academic needs

Cedar Hill Prep Middle School Education – Interactive, Intimate, Engaging, Empowering



CHP middle school is geared towards providing students with a strong foundation in academics and social skills, such that they excel in high school and develop positive social interactions. Research at Harvard College also suggests that the best ways to have students internalize positive social and emotional behaviors are to have them learn in settings where social and emotional skills are directly taught.

The CHP middle school program is successful because we address the overall needs of each child – emotionally and academically in a school setting. In return, we have high expectations of each student regarding their effort, commitment, consistency, and discipline. Also, the school insists on engaging the parent in a collaborative setting, to foster a consistent involvement in the academic and character development of the child. We accomplish all of the above by providing a nurturing environment, a sense of community for the family, an educational plan that fits, supports, engages and energizes each student.