Letter from Founder

Letter from the Founder

Nandini Menon

“I would like to be remembered as the spark that ignited students to pursue their dream, as someone who had a zest for life, laughter, enthusiasm and good company.” – Nandini Menon

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Hill Preparatory School. 2013-14 marked the tenth anniversary of the school. Our growth is fueled by the enthusiasm, happiness quotient and success of our students.

Cedar Hill Preparatory School is recognized for the following 5 characteristics:

Academic Rigor – The Cedar Hill Preparatory School curriculum is carefully designed to provide visible learning outcomes. We evaluate student performance, benchmark it against the curriculum and are constantly making changes to improve understanding. Students of Cedar Hill Preparatory School have consistently been in the top 10 percentile of the nation for the last 8 years.

Engaging Faculty/Interactive Instruction – Small class sizes and differentiated instruction, utilizing technology and interactive multi-media sessions, have proven to be very effective in student learning.

Warm and Caring Community – The spontaneous connection between administrators, teachers, students and parents is evident from the minute you walk onto the campus. There is great care taken to maintain this vibrant environment and foster connectivity amongst the members of the school. There is spirited interaction between every member of the school community, and hence it exudes a warm and engaging climate.

A Mini United Nations – At Cedar Hill Preparatory School, every member of the community, whether administrator, teacher or parent, embraces cultural differences. Each one is curious to imbibe, immerse and understand the world. With more than 23 countries represented, there is unity in this diverse community and cultural immersion.

Well-balanced Arts, Music and World Languages Programs – At Cedar Hill Preparatory School, we sow the seeds of curiosity, love for knowledge and the will to engage socially such that every student leaves us with a sense of identity and purpose in life.

Nan Menon/Founder of Cedar Hill Preparatory School

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I would like to invite you to join our Open House Premier Gathering to meet with me, our faculty, current students, and parents and find out first hand, why Cedar Hill Prep is an outstanding school. Just click on the button below to reserve your spot.