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Welcome to the Menon Institute for Learning and Literacy

Welcome! We are proud and delighted to announce the opening of a new “school within a school” at Cedar Hill Preparatory School in Somerset, New Jersey.

At CHP, a nationally recognized 2017 Blue Ribbon school, we continue to be committed to providing the best possible education for all children. If you are searching for a school where inclusion is practiced socially, academically, and beyond academics, come visit CEDAR HILL PREPARATORY SCHOOL!
Nandini Menon, Founder & Director, Cedar Hill Prep School


Teaching to the Whole Child

We believe that education and learning for every child should be based on the whole child development approach, as determined from the latest neuroscience based research. The mind and body work together to help each individual function. The brain connects all the skills together to develop the whole child.

Whole Child Development