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About Cedar Hill Prep School

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Cedar Hill Prep School is located in Somerset, NJ (population 24,000 people), close to Rutgers University, award winning hospitals, and major highways. It is among the top private day schools in central New Jersey. It is home to many technology companies, manufacturers, and warehouses. Somerset’s diverse ethnic community, comprised mostly of professionals who value a good education, includes Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. Twenty-one percent of the residents are foreign born. Currently Cedar Hill Prep School services students from 23 towns. True to the trends in the United States, Somerset’s and Central Jersey’s fastest growing sub group among the school age population are the English Language Learners (ELL). Cedar Hill Prep’s vibrant community embodies diversity, unity, and cultural immersion. As its members are representative of over 25 countries, they embrace these cultural differences and are curious to imbibe, immerse, and understand the world. This integral part of the Cedar Hill Prep culture is reflective of its curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to provide visible learning outcomes and maintain flexibility. Small class sizes and differentiated instruction have proven to be very effective in student learning. Student performance is evaluated and benchmarked against the curriculum. Accommodations are made as necessary. Our curriculum leads to high academic outcomes. Students of CHP have consistently been in the top ten percentile of the nation for the last ten years (based upon standardized test scores of the TerraNova Multiple Assessment, 3rd edition).