Dress Code

Dress Code


Dress Code

Cedar Hill Preparatory Uniform at Lands End: Visit Site

Cedar Hill Prep students are expected to be neat, clean and dressed in uniform at all times unless given permission by the administration to be out of uniform. There are many positive reasons for a school dress code, including:

  1.  A respectful academic atmosphere where every student feels a sense of professional etiquette and arrives each morning ready to face the assignments of the day.

  2.  A good impression made on both peers, parents and teachers that showcases a sense of pride in their appearance and their role within our community.

  3.  A shared sense of community as all students recognize an aesthetic camaraderie among their peers.

  4. Fewer potentially maladaptive or rebellious behaviors that may first be manifested through expression of clothing.

  5.  A lesson in boundaries, expectations, and responsibility that begins every day before the students even leave their home.

Additionally, a dress code can be greatly important to matters of student self-esteem and self-respect. Taking pride in the way they look is the first step toward taking pride and accountability in the work that our students do at CHP. We want all of our students to feel their very best and dressing for success is a crucial part of developing that confidence.

We have partnered with the clothing company Lands’ End in order to offer our students and their families high quality clothing that is both durable and fashionable. While shoes can be purchased outside of the Lands’ End options for wardrobe it is advisable that students wear comfortable shoes for staying active across our campus, both between classes and while outside.

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All uniform shoes are no longer available from Lands End and now can be purchased from any store.

**Please Note Sweat Shirts, Sweaters, and Blazers must be purchased from Lands End**

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