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Menon Institute of Learning and Literacy FAQ

Which students benefit from the Menon Institute of Learning and Literacy?

The goal of M.I.L.L. is the remediation of dyslexia and related language based learning disabilities.
Any student from grades K-8 with language based learning differences such as dyslexia or capable students grades K-8 who have organizational and attention issues will benefit from this program.

My child has Dyslexia/Dyscalculia and/or ADHD. How can the Menon Institute help?

M.I.L.L. provides an individualized approach and resources for students with language based disabilities and related issues such as ADHD.

M.I.L.L. provides a customized approach within a challenging and nurturing environment in which students learn and thrive. The MILL provides specially trained teachers who have experience in tapping each child’s intelligence and abilities, as well as remediation of skill deficits. We foster personalized instruction so students become stronger readers and more confident writers. We are dedicated to research-driven remediation programs which teach the elements of English. Our programs use an approach that is multisensory, structured, sequential, logical, systematic, and diagnostic; an approach that has been proven to be successful for children with language based disabilities. Our community embraces all students, and everyone is treated with unconditional respect and positive regard. We are a warm and united community, eager to welcome those who learn differently.

How does a child qualify to receive the services of the Institute?

Students who are socially and behaviorally healthy and have average to above average intelligence are candidates for our program. Previous school record(s) and any supporting documents, such as previous Child Study Team testing and IEPs, are carefully reviewed. Your child will be scheduled for a personal interview and initial placement testing by the Program’s Director.

What academic accommodations are offered at Cedar Hill Preparatory School?

Structured schedule

Small class size

Individualized attention

One-to-one remediation sessions

Extended time on tests and quizzes

Study guides

Preferential Seating

Tech-rich environment

Use of Computer

Use of Digital Recorder