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World Languages

World Languages Education in the 21st Century

New Jersey citizens are part of a dynamic, interconnected, and technologically driven global society centered on the creation and communication of knowledge and ideas across geographical, cultural, and linguistic borders. Individuals who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural contexts, are globally literate and possess the attributes reflected in the mission and vision for world languages education that follow:


The study of another language and culture enables individuals, whether functioning as citizens or workers, to communicate face-to-face and by virtual means in appropriate ways with people from diverse cultures.


An education in world languages fosters a population that:

  • Communicates in more than one language with the levels of language proficiency that are required to function in a variety of occupations and careers in the contemporary workplace.
  • Exhibits attitudes, values, and skills that indicate a positive disposition and understanding of cultural differences and that enhance cross-cultural communication.
  • Values language learning as a global literacy as well as for its long-term worth in fostering personal, work-related, and/or financial success in our increasingly interconnected world.


World Languages at Cedar Hill Prep School
Preschool – Grade 3 Spanish;
Grade 4 French
Grade 5- 8 French & Spanish
World Languages play an important part in the education of all students at Cedar Hill Prep School. Students benefit in gaining and understanding our targeted languages, Spanish and French.The Primary goal of our World Languages curriculum is effective communication.Students will be introduced to target languages through listening,speaking, reading and writing skills.The study of cultures is also an integral part of student based learning in this program. Our World languages program is student centered, full of rich experience, excitement and engagement.

Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad (Grades 7 and 8 Spanish Honor Society)

The purpose of the Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad (SHA) is to recognize high achievement in Spanish courses at the middle school level. The Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is a nationally recognized honor society for students who excel in the study of Spanish. As “Los Patriotas” chapter, we want to promote Spanish as a language and culture in Cedar Hill Prep Middle School and the community through Community Service and Celebration.

national hispanic month
middle school french
Day of the Dead
CHP French Mardi Gras