Elementary School



Cedar Hill Prep School’s Math curriculum is based on the recommendations of the National Mathematics Panel Report. CHP uses the Primary Math Standards Edition for Grades 1-5. Primary mathematics uses a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach, and emphasizes mental math and model drawing. The rigorous curriculum is designed to offer density of mathematical content in a clear, logical progression that provides for a balance of content and ample opportunity to support the development and application of skills and problem solving strategies.

Grade 1

Students learn patterns, relationships and graphs, estimation and counting, addition and subtraction, fractions, plane and solid geometry, spatial relationships, time and money, measurement.

Grade 2

Students will learn number sense/number relations to 1000, addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers with regrouping, multiplication and division, fractions, geometry, tables and graphs, time and money, and measurement.

Grade 3

Students will learn patterns and equations, coordinate graphs, place value to 10,000, all four whole number operations, elementary fractions, geometry – both plane and solid, perimeter, area and volume, time, money, length, weight and problem solving.

Grade 4

Students will learn the addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals, geometry, graphs, measurement, verbal problems and whole number operations.