Peter McPherson


Peter McPherson

Middle School Teacher – Social Studies

Cedar Hill Prep has bestowed upon me the honor of teaching Social Studies to 5th and 6th graders.Through my years of experience, I have found that the most effective teaching philosophy involves engaging students in thoughtful and creative learning. This is achieved through nurturing their active curiosity and providing a balance of structured learning with hands-on activities, as well as fostering personal freedom for independent exploration of the subject matter.

Studying different cultures and societies nurtures an active curiosity about the world, leading us to recognize that history transcends mere dates, famous names, and battles. By understanding the holistic narrative of human history and appreciating diverse perspectives, we pave the way for progress. The modern world of technology further enriches our ability to learn from the lessons of the past and shape a brighter future.

My educational journey spans diverse locations across Asia, Europe, and North America, where I have accumulated nearly a decade of experience teaching a wide array of subjects including World Politics and Geography, Drama, Hospitality, and ESL. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from Ramapo College of New Jersey, which has provided me with ample opportunities in creative fields. Additionally, I have participated in seminars and training programs worldwide, such as earning a Diploma from the International Butler Academy in The Netherlands and completing Professional Training in ESL from Pearson in China.

My aspiration is to cultivate a sense of global citizenship among students, encouraging them to think critically and objectively while fostering a deep appreciation for learning about our past and envisioning our future. I extend my best wishes to all current, future, and past students as we journey together towards a promising future.