Platty Patel


Platty Patel

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Julie Ginns

I grew up in India and had the privilege of attending one of the finest schools during my formative years.

Cedar Hill Prep reminds me of that school. Intuitive by nature, when I first came to Cedar Hill Prep, it felt like life came in full circle. What I had received and carried along for so long was now time for me to pass along to other students.

I have Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an AA in Paralegal Studies. My love for education came from being a mother and walking hand in hand with teachers. I love teaching early education because I am responsible for their first straight line and many more of the “firsts” they will encounter during their academic experience.

I hope I am able to impart what I received from my teachers and my children’s teachers. It was not just about learning; rather, it was also about the discipline, integrity, and perseverance to be a good human being. A child’s life is like a piece of paper in which every person leaves their mark.

My passion in life is to read, meditate, and exercise…all that leads to Mind, Body and Spirit. I hope that we leave the world a better place to be for generations to come.