Elementary School


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Student Expectations

Student Academic Expectations/goals are broadly divided by Grade and defined by subject matter. These include:

  • Language Arts – Mechanics, Reading and Writing expectations. Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Math – Calculations, mental Skills, and problem-solving skills
  • Science and Social Studies – content driven by grade and tested for comprehension, writing skills, teamwork and project management.
  • Foreign Language – acquire the knowledge of a second language.

Student Assessment

The objective is to evaluate the student on a balanced portfolio of measures that will assess the effectiveness of the curriculum in accomplishing student competency in each subject. Student performance is measured on the following categories:

  • Class work
  • Assignments and projects
  • Homework
  • Quarterly tests
  • Standardized testing

There is constant feedback on student performance and everyday learning outcomes. The results are analyzed at the end of the year to make curriculum and instructional enhancements/changes.