Talent World Music School  – Tarana Karimova –
Talent World seeks to motivate students to achieve their best in learning music both for aesthetics and for a professional outlook as a career as well. If a pupil chooses to continue the course at Talent World, he/she is on their path to achieving success as classical musicians of our times.

Private piano lesson
$300.00 for 10 lessons (30 min. each). Music books and materials will be purchased and paid separately. Copied pages are free.

School offers the following discounts:
a) 10% discount toward the tuition fee for each additional child in the same family.
b) $25.00 discount on tuition if you choose to pay the total tuition for the year (2 semesters) on or before the first day of class.
c) $15.00 discount for referrals (after referred students first lesson).

Private piano classes are 30 minutes in length, group piano classes are 45 min. or one hour in length. However, if attendance is unusually low in group piano classes for any given week class time may be shortened to 45 minutes for 3 students and 30 minutes for 2 students. Classes canceled due to teacher illness will be re-scheduled or a substitute teacher will be provided.