CHP Education and Research Foundation

Welcome – The CHP Education and Research Foundation

The broad vision of The Cedar Hill Prep Education and Research Foundation (CHPERF) is to support, train, and research co-curricular whole-child learning activities at Cedar Hill Prep School.

The CHPERF is committed to providing Cedar Hill Prep students with a broader educational experience to compliment the rigor and excellence of the academic program currently offered at CHP.

It is the principal goal of CHPERF to nurture co-curricular activities at CHP not only to provide the highest quality education possible for CHP students but also to foster the development of CHP as a regional leader in independent education who, through support, training and research, will be a positive force for research driven change in the education sector.

  • CHPERF provides resources to support the operating budgets of co-curricular educational programs that enhance the Cedar Hill Prep School experience for students.
  • CHPERF provides training, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for program facilitators in progressive, whole-child pedagogical/methodological approaches. Program facilitators will also be trained in current research methods that they will use to evaluate their programs efficacy and impact.
  • All CHPERF sponsored programs will include rigorous quantitative and/or qualitative assessment of key research objectives. This research will be used by CHP faculty to create an integrated whole-child curriculum that will be disseminated to the larger educational community vis-à-vis publication and conference attendance.