Athletics & Arts

Athletics at Cedar Hill Prep School

At Cedar Hill Prep, we understand the value of athletics for our students. Research has shown that participation in sports not only has health benefits, but it also leads to better academic achievement. Cedar Hill Prep’s athletic program strives to prepare our young men and women physically, mentally and emotionally, both on the athletic fields and in society.

We make Physical Education and Sports a part of our everyday schedule and strongly encourage participation for all of our Middle School Students. At Cedar Hill Prep, we offer an environment that teaches our student-athletes to be strong and resilient, and also instills the qualities of leadership, cooperation, teamwork and exceptional sportsmanship. Our experienced Coaches will focus on teaching the fundamental skills necessary for quality individual and team development in each specific sport as well as age appropriate motor skill development along with age appropriate strength and conditioning sessions. Our Athletic Program enhances our Academic experience as well as our sense of community here at Cedar Hill Prep. The lessons that are learned through participating in Athletics and being part of a team are ones that will last a lifetime!

We currently offer Boy’s/Girl’s Soccer and Basketball for Grades 6-8

Cedar Hill Prep Athletics

We go beyond the standard curriculum and offer a rich program of physical education, music, theater Arts, arts, and computer use. We offer a variety of programs to foster young athletes and artists: