Mathcounts and Math League Winners

Mathcounts Winners

Every year, our Seventh and Eighth Grade students participate in the MathCounts Competition. This year, the annual Regional MathCounts Chapter Competition was held online on February 17th. Every year in the contest, we have a “Best in School” award and this year’s CHP winner is N. Patel from 8th Grade! Patel came in 1st Place among the other Seventh and Eighth Grade participants. Coming in a close 2nd was S. Karlekar (8th), followed by S. Banigallapati (8th) in 3rd place. All participants performed very well, and we are confident they will continue to excel in the fields of mathematics and other STEM disciplines.

Mathcounts Winners

The Math League Winners

As is a tradition in CHP, our Sixth Grade students participate in the Math League Competition every year. This year, the annual competition was held online on February 24th. J. Rajinikanth came in first place out of all the 6th graders. Coming in a close 2nd was E. Sanbeg, followed by A. Joshi in 3rd place.

Congratulations to all of our 6th grade participants! We are confident you will all continue to do fantastically in your future endeavors!

CHP Math League