Robotics Club

Neetika Bhalla

As we know, the demand for professionals in automation requiring computer science and related disciplines continues to grow. Cultivating a generation with Computational Thinking and Engineering is becoming indispensable.

In the robotics club students receive the dynamic knowledge offered under interdisciplinary robotics program. It covers mechanical functions to build mobile contraptions, and heavily focuses on programming to create autonomous robots. Students program their robots to solve various challenging projects that simulate real life scenarios. All projects are conducted through engineering process. It aims to build and strengthen students’ analytical and computational skill. Inherently, it will make engineering intuition and thinking outside the box as second nature.

Robotics at CHP

The Robotics Club at CHP is run by Mrs. Bhalla in liaison with Storming Robots. She has taught robotics to Grades 4 to 10 in the past four years at the adroit robotics learning center, Storming Robots.  Storming Robots has proven its success in building students in engineering education career in college, through their students’ achievements. You may learn more about that at – Click on Competitions.

Robotics Team Win 1st Place In Germany - World Championship