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Gentile Parenting

Does Gentle Parenting Make Parents Feel More Anxious?

By Julie Kucks Parenting is complex. In today’s climate with the visibility and clamor of social media and so many different parenting techniques, it is easy for parents to feel overwhelmed. Which technique is best? Am I damaging my child by being too lenient? Am I too tough on my child? How do I know I’m doing what’s best for them, not for me? A recently developed parenting approach that ...
Bully and Its Effects On Mental Health

The Mental Health Benefits of a Bully-Free School 

By Anjalee Patel, Cedar Hill Prep School Counselor Mental health includes our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It not only affects how we feel and behave, but it also determines how we handle stress, gets along with others, and make choices. Mental health is a significant element of growth from childhood to adulthood, one that establishes our overall state of well-being. Our ability to create healthy coping mechanisms, engage in ...
Wharton Institute of Performing Arts

Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts

Cedar Hill Prep has long been established in the Central Jersey region as a place where children are not only supported academically but encouraged in their extracurricular pursuits as well. To that end, we pride ourselves on the partnership the school has developed with the Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts. The shared goals of CHP and the Wharton Institute overlap at the cross section of academic achievement and individual ...
CHP Students

Why CHP for K-8?

With many options available throughout Central New Jersey for a quality education from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade there are many considerations to bear in mind. Read on to learn about frequent inquiries regarding CHP and all that makes our school stand out as one of the top New Jersey private schools in the academic landscape of greater Somerset County. Why choose CHP for my child’s K-8 education? CHP offers a ...
CHP Student Math

Quality Instruction v. Quality Curriculum

Although education is continuously evolving and adapting to pedagogical developments, the core curriculum can be viewed as the Bill of Rights to which these academic advances function as amendments. Many parents have questions about curriculum, but this raises the question in itself of what is known about curriculum and what is assumed. While resources and assessments are a vital part of any educational blueprint, at CHP we believe that curriculum ...