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CHP Protocols

A Safe and Happy Learning Environment

As New Jersey students return to in-person schooling, we at CHP look ahead toward a new year that we recognize may be marked by uncertainty but will be defined by our confidence and experience as a trusted destination for education and understanding in the greater Somerset County area. To address the concerns that are shared by so many families as we navigate the ongoing reality of the pandemic, Cedar Hill ...
Cedar Hill Prep Kindergarten

Closing the PreK Gap

Here at Cedar Hill Prep we recognize that the public health challenges of the previous school year have created an educational gulf for many of the youngest members of our local community. The concerns of area parents have not gone unheeded and we are here to reassure you of not only the safety protocols in place on campus at CHP, but the excellent support and instruction of our deeply caring ...
Northeastern Covid testing

Keeping COVID Under Control

As we move into another autumn living with the outbreak of COVID and head toward the winter, when seasonal illness rates tend to spike even in a typical year, the need is greater than ever to heed the seriousness of this ongoing pandemic and to exercise precautions in a way that the vast majority of people are capable of. Evidence of the effectiveness of wearing masks and implementing regular testing ...
Mask Myths Debunked

Mask Myths Debunked!

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, and with variant strains on the rise, vaccination and sanitization alone may not be enough to mitigate the continuing spread of COVID-19. In order to further take measures to avoid the chance of infection in school we have mandated, in accordance with state health guidelines, the wearing of masks for all students and staff while inside the buildings of CHP’s campus.  The CDC’s ...
CHP Physical Education

Preschoolers With Higher Cardiorespiratory Fitness Do Better on Cognitive Tests

Physical Activity is so important for our children of all ages, for so many different reasons! It not only affects their physical health and development but is also a key component to a child's mental and emotional health as well as their ability to learn. Cedar Hill Prep emphasizes daily physical activity through our Physical Education Classes for all Grades, including our preschoolers as well as daily outdoor play.   Read ...