3 Lesser Known Kid-Friendly Educational Things To Do This Winter In Central New Jersey

Are your kids slowly getting cabin fever and you need them out of the house right now? Yup, we feel the same way. Winter is tough on everybody. When it’s cold outside, we tend to stay more at home — but there are many places where you can take your kids, have fun, and learn along the way! Aside from the usual suspects like the Liberty Science Center, the Turtle Back Zoo, and other well-known attractions, New Jersey holds many more, but less known gems that are family friendly. Today we will be looking at some great Educational Winter Activities. 

Educational Winter Activities

Ready to have some fun? Here are our top three spots for the winter (and yes, one is outdoors, but they have plenty of events in the winter as well):

Educational Winter Activities | Rutgers Geology Museum (New Brunswick, NJ)

lightbox-spotlight-rutgers-geology-museum-giant-spider-crab-returns-to-museum.jpgThe Rutgers Geology Museum is a hidden gem for kids in Central New Jersey. Tucked away on the upper levels of the Geology Hall of Rutgers University, the little-known museum hosts a variety of events for kids, such as paint-along and monthly nights at the museum

But even outside the events, the museum is worth a visit. Children can learn more about the evolution of the human diet (and find out how the human skull has evolved because of it) or see a giant spider crab from Japan that has been painstakingly restored and is now on display. There are also lots of different minerals and fossils to discover as well as an Egyptian mummy and a mastodon Mammut (Mammut americanum).


Educational Winter Activities | Princeton Art Museum (Princeton, NJ)

You don’t usually think kids when thinking about art museums — but this fantastic little art museum is contained enough to take small children. It does, however, have some serious art such as a beautiful Van Gogh and several known paintings by Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet. It also holds an extensive collection of European art and Egyptian artifacts, Roman mosaics and other collectibles from all over the world. The museum contains a lot of child-geared events, so call to find out ahead of time. If you don’t want to go on a guided tour with one of the knowledgeable tour guides, you can check out their website for child-friendly self-guided tours.

Educational Winter Activities | Duke’s Farm (Hillsborough, NJ)

Did you know, most children today can quickly identify more than a thousand corporate logos but have trouble correctly naming ten local plants? Duke’s Farm is a great place to immerse your child in its natural surroundings and learn more about New Jersey flora and fauna. On the 2,000 acres of former farmland, kids can learn about environmental stewardship, local birds, and plants. There are always family-friendly programs such as the upcoming seed swap. It is always worth a visit to take a power walk, a bike ride or just a leisurely stroll!

Where do you take your children?

We would love to hear where you take your children this winter? Do you have a favorite attraction that you could share with other parents? Please comment below!