To work at Cedar Hill Prep is to become part of the CHP family. We employ approximately 50 faculty, staff and administrators in grades K-8. Our employees enjoy competitive salaries, benefits, and pension.

Faculty hiring generally takes place in late winter and spring, while administrative searches may begin earlier. Staff positions may become available at any time during the year.

Faculty Positions

CHP faculty members typically possess undergraduate training in their specific curriculum area as well as a graduate degree either in education or in their field.

While assignments vary from division to division, responsibilities generally include teaching four classes of 16 or more students daily as well as extra duties such as homeroom or advisory, committee work, advising clubs, coaching, and after-school programs. Additional responsibilities include student grade reporting, comment-writing, and parent conferences.

Faculty are also expected to participate in the life of the school by volunteering to chaperone dances, school trips, and other activities.

Our search process may include a phone interview(s) and/or a visit(s) to campus during which candidates may meet the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Division Director, Department Chair, additional faculty and/or students. All candidates will be asked to teach a class.

Staff Positions

Staff work a 40-hour week (8:00-4:00 daily).

Each staff member has an immediate supervisor responsible for training and setting tasks for them, and overall administration of the staff as a whole is the Assistant Headmaster’s responsibility.

Each staff position is different, but all the positions require a great attitude, strong interpersonal and communications skills, excellent computer and phone skills, and the ability to work as a participating team member.

Administrative Positions

The Headmaster, as the top administrator, and the rest of the administrative staff are charged by the Board of Trustees with enacting the school’s mission, management and supervision of curriculum and classrooms, as well as active communication with parents.

Responsible for all aspects of school life, administrators can expect to spend long hours at the school, including nights and weekends, to proficiently supervise student and faculty activity, and to coordinate parent and student events.

Administrators must demonstrate strong leadership and supervisory skill, and the willingness and capability to operate in a collegial, professional work environment.

Employment Opportunities

Substitute Teachers

Working at Cedar Hill Prep School

Benefits of Independent School Teaching
By definition, independent schools operate outside the bureaucracy and limitations of the Department of Education. CHP sets its own mission, and faculty who are comfortable with that mission will feel comfortable here.

Many teachers at non-independent schools, while enjoying their profession tremendously, feel frustrated by the testing, meetings and committee work, and report-writing tasks that take them away from their students. Independent schools have very little in the way of such bureaucracy. In addition, independent schools require a contractual buy-in to the school’s mission from students and parents, which leads naturally to a motivated and supportive group of students and families, which can make work for independent school teachers more meaningful and rewarding.

Class size at CHP and its independent school peers is considerably smaller than at comparable public schools, providing for a richer, more vibrant and effective classroom experience. Students at independent schools tend to be very involved with the overall life of the school. They are joiners and participators and they find time for academics, sports, performing, and service. Many faculty find that working with this population of students is rich, rewarding, and energizing.

Most independent schools are smaller overall than community schools, which leads to a pleasantness of scale. Students and faculty members see each other out of class and enjoy a sense of friendship and camaraderie. Many independent schools have housing for faculty, allowing for interaction between faculty families and students and their parents. Teachers at CHP benefit from working with talented and motivated students while enjoying membership in a small, friendly community.



Major benefits of employment at CHP include access to health insurance (including dental), retirement annuities, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, long and short-term disability insurance, tuition remission (faculty and administration only), food pick-up, and housing (as available).

Health insurance costs range from $270 for a single staff member enrolling in the Oxford Standard Plan without dental to $8,860 for a family enrolled in the Oxford Enhanced Supplemental Plan with dental coverage.


If you are interested in joining the education, operations or administrative staff of Cedar Hill Prep, please complete the form below and we will contact you about possible opportunities.