To work at Cedar Hill Prep is to become part of the CHP family. We employ approximately 50 faculty, staff, and administrators in grades K-8. Our employees enjoy competitive salaries and benefits.

Faculty hiring generally takes place in late winter and spring, while administrative searches may begin earlier. Staff positions may become available at any time during the year.


Faculty Positions

Cedar Hill Prep School was started with the premise that children succeed in a nurturing environment, where teachers want to be influencers.  The role of the teacher is to spark curiosity in children, recognize that one needs to teach at the zone of proximal development which is two levels higher than what a child can learn on their own.  This knowledgeable teacher is aware that the interactions between teacher and students motivate children to be knowledge seekers and experience the wonder of the world.  Additionally, students need an engaged faculty who are supportive of the school’s mission and vision.

Cedar Hill Prep School teachers understand that they are pivotal to each child’s academic trajectory.  They are learners first and practice sociocultural pedagogical practices where students are active learners too!  Many of the teachers at the school have been part of the community for more than 10 years and credit their longevity with the culture that respects them as professionals, where they can engage in learning as cohorts and embrace distributive leadership.

Teacher Scholars

As the demographics of the community change, Cedar Hill Prep School is also looking for teachers who use evidence-based practices and direct explicit instruction to build foundational skills in students.  Cedar Hill Prep School is looking for teachers who are student-centric and have the scholarly intent to build their individual craft.  The school uses a curriculum that is empirically based with the intent of building all four modalities of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the instructional pedagogy to ensure cognitive growth in each child.  Teachers are expected to be good communicators and provide support to parents to help them in their child’s educational journey.

Every member of the school is actively involved in student development and enjoys being part of this vibrant community.  Their role in the school extends beyond the classroom.  It includes fostering student talent and showing leadership skills by running after-school activities and their own pet projects where they can monetarily benefit from their efforts.

The ideal teacher will demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and recognize the importance of socio-cultural practices in classroom management.

In order to be considered, candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, resume, parent and student testimonials, and three references to info@cedarhillprep.com.

Staff Positions

The staff works a 40-hour week (8:00-4:00 daily).

Each staff member has an immediate supervisor responsible for training and setting tasks for them, and the overall administration of the staff as a whole is the Executive Directors’ responsibility.

Each staff position is different, but all the positions require a great attitude, strong interpersonal and communications skills, excellent computer and phone skills, and the ability to work as a participating team member.

Administrative Positions

The Executive Director, as the top administrator, and the rest of the administrative staff are charged by the Board of Trustees with enacting the school’s mission, management, and supervision of curriculum and classrooms, as well as active communication with parents.

Responsible for all aspects of school life, administrators can expect to spend long hours at the school, including nights and weekends, to proficiently supervise student and faculty activity, and to coordinate parent and student events.

Administrators must demonstrate strong leadership and supervisory skill, and the willingness and capability to operate in a collegial, professional work environment.



A School represented by more than 22 countries amongst the students and the teachers, Cedar Hill Preparatory provides a heterogeneous environment that encourages tolerance towards all ethnic, cultural, and religious groups. With a goal to embrace multiculturalism, we prepare our students for life to live and succeed in a real pluralistic environment. Read More


Employment Opportunities

Substitute Teachers



Major benefits of employment at CHP include access to health insurance (including dental), retirement annuities, life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment coverage, long and short-term disability insurance, tuition remission (faculty and administration only), food pick-up, and housing (as available).


How to Apply

Cedar Hill Prep School is always looking for passionate educators who are committed to making a difference in a student’s life. If you are interested in joining the education, operations, or administrative staff of Cedar Hill Prep, please complete the form below and we will contact you about possible opportunities.