I Jumped into My Dream…

Grade 4 Cedar Hill Prep School

 Story by Valentina Garcia Cedar Hill Prep Grade 4 Student

Last night I had a great dream. It felt like I jumped into my wish. How cool is that? Well let me tell you about it. I was dreaming about tiny sheep jumping over fences one by one, like the ones you see in movies where a child sleeps and then someone draws a bubble where there is a sheep jumping over a fence.

Then it came to me, the idea of being a hero. But a hero for what? I thought and thought ……until it came, Mrs. Mighty Purell, the Coronavirus Hero!!

The recordings, newspapers, and photos of me saving the world from Coronavirus was a hit! While everyone was getting nice and comfy with their bag of popcorn in their lap and rolling themselves in blankets to watch me save the world, I was sanitizing everything and everybody with Purell.

I didn’t do this alone. I was accompanied by my friends at CHP who came to help me in this very special moment to be known as heroes.

The best thing is that we were commemorated in the sweetest way, by building a statue of all of us 3 feet away from each other, with a caption saying, “Coronavirus Heroes.”

When I woke up this morning, I looked out my window and saw everybody having fun, playing, laughing, smelling, walking, biking, running and, even better, creating memories…like the one I created yesterday. 

Grade 4 Cedar Hill Prep School