• Cedar Hill Prep School

Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Smart phones, social media, student group chats, and social media posts ~ Cedar Hill Prep school has a zero tolerance policy on any form of bullying! 

Cedar Hill Prep School held two seminars on November 21st, for students and parents. Franklin Township Police Department and their Cyber Security Staff conducted the seminars. During our discussions with students from grade 3 and up, we found, students really had no guidelines or boundaries in terms of their cell phone usage, and many parents had no idea about the complexity of their children’s usage. As Sergeant Sean Hebbon told our parents, “You are the parent. You bought the cell phone. You pay the bill. Your child lives under your roof. Be the parent. Search their phone. Set up restrictions. Do Not Think, ‘ Not My Child.’  Know the cyber bullying laws in NJ.”

 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying ~  HIB is a criminal offense in NJ. Even if this was done away from the school campus, the School has jurisdiction to give consequences. Social media posts come under this law –  Snapchat, whatsapp and all other social media. 

USE THE APP UNGLU to monitor your child’s communication. Protect our kids. 

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