Election Day at Cedar Hill Prep

Kindergarten Election Day

Pre-Kindergarten A

The Pre- Kindergarten class had so much fun learning about Election Day.  The students discussed the electoral process and how it works. They talked about why it’s important to vote as well as who can vote.  In our class, we had two very special candidates. It was Oreos running against Skittles. As you can see from our chart  Oreos won the race. 

Cedar Hill Prep Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten B

For Election Day Pre-Kindergarten B voted on three treats, Oreos, sugar cookies, and cupcakes. They tasted each one and then voted on their favorite. Sugar cookies won! They had a blast learning about elections and having their own.

Cedar Hill Prep Pre-Kindergarten


The Kindergarten children learned all about Election Day!!  They read, Duck For President.  The students learned that all of us have the freedom to choose who or what they like best but it is the most accumulated votes that determines the winner. The candidates were Chocolate Chip cookies, Oreo cookies and Animal cookies. Each child voted and they tallied up the votes. Oreo cookies won!!!  

Kindergarten Election Day

Grade 1

Mrs. Parab’s and Mrs. Talbert’s first grade classes met and discussed the importance of Election Day .  They reviewed vocabulary such as, casting a ballot, choosing a candidate and voting on a question.  Which cookie do you like the most? (Oreo or Chocolate Chip)  The students tallied the results and used the data to complete a graph.  The results were: Chocolate chip- 12 and Oreo – 10.  The students were directed to fill in the graph and then use the graph to complete questions. It was so wonderful to see how the students worked together to help each other during this activity.

Cedar Hill Prep Grade 1


Grade 3

On Tuesday November 5th, the third graders participated in a class election.  They voted on their favorite candy!  The choices were Skittles, Hershey Bars or Dum Dums.  The results will be shared with students tomorrow, and the winning candy will be brought in for all to take home on Thursday!  Students went through the entire process of filling out a voter registration card, privately filling out a ballot and even got an “I Voted” sticker at the end!  Great job third graders!

Grade 3 Election Day